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Welcome to The Prosperity Project!

Hi! I'm John.

Wall Street Veteran, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

I help people build their own unique formula for finding their purpose, prosperity, and happiness. My new book, The Prosperity Project: Building Abundance and A Map For A Life Well Lived, Was released in January, 2021. This website is designed to be a space that I hope you can visit to find yourself and your vision for prosperity. I want it to be a source of inspiration, motivation and connection. Where our shared stories are alive and continuing to evolve together.

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John Lohrenz of the Prosperity Project
Book stack for John Lohrenz of The Prosperity Project
The Prosperity Project is now on sale on Barnes and Noble
The Prosperity Project by John Lohrenz is now on sale on Amazon


The Prosperity Project: Building Abundance and

A Map For A Life Well Lived

Life is a giant game of whack-a-mole. Just when one part of your life is in alignment, the monster pops up in another. There are so many books on the market that are trying to get you to live your best life. But what does that really mean? What IS THAT? How do I define that? And how do I DO that?


This book delivers a proven formula for you to define what your personal meaning of prosperity truly is. By the end, you’ll have a well-defined map to navigate your life’s best effort! It’s a project. And this project becomes your PURPOSE. And it is through living out your purpose, day in and day out, that at the end of your life you’ll feel as though it’s been a life well lived. You only have one shot at this world, so stop saying “someday” and get started right now!

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