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My Story

I am an entrepreneur who now at 56 years old has a lot I want to share. Having spent the last 25 plus years working on Wall Street with the titans of capitalism and 1000s of families managing their wealth, I have a unique perspective on what happiness really looks like and its relationship with money.

There is a formula I have discovered that brings true prosperity and abundance into peoples lives. Through observation, research and personal experiences I have compiled the total package into my new book, The Prosperity Project: Building Abundance and A Map For A Life Well Lived, coming January 5th, 2021. 

I am originally from a small town in Montana where I grew up through my high school years. Following high school I moved to San Diego and attended San Diego State University (The Harvard of the West as I like to call it!) With my degree in finance, I secured my job with Smith Barney and later was recruited to Merrill Lynch. My highlight with major firms was earning Manager of the Year for the U.S at Merrill in 2006 prior to the financial crisis. In 2009 I founded my current firm JKL Wealth Management where I help families build their map for happiness and prosperity in their wealth and life planning journey.

I have gone through a transformation in life that really made me dig deep into what the real source of joy is and where we all find it when we get it right. The journey took me through a process of reflection on my life, the experience with the families I worked with for decades, and research from world renowned resources. In my quest to discover the formula it all came together through the lens of seeing those who had the good life! A life well-lived, the noble quest we are all on, and it is ours for the taking with the right formula. 

Through my book, website, speaking and day-to-day engagements, my life revolves around joy and prosperity and spreading the good words of positivity, inspiration and motivation! The journey is so wonderful and I am grateful to be a part of yours!

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