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To live an enriched and meaningful life, you are required to search for joy. You need to be proactive in filling your days with activities you love and people who make you happy. You can’t expect this to just happen. You need to make it happen and this calls for effort and planning. Enriching your life should be a daily venture, not something you chase once in a while. Without consistent, intentional enrichment practices, you are living a bleak existence. You are a coloring book without crayons.

Adventure and the Prosperity Project

Get Outside

Adventures don't have to be grand, the great outdoors is in your own neighbourhood if you seek it out. It can cost nothing to explore a new hiking trail, to walk your dog on a new stretch of beach or to plan a simple picnic with friends in a local park. Fresh air adventures are good for the soul!


“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal!”

Paulo Coelho

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