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Think of all the amazing things you are able to do thanks to good health. Whether it is exercising, traveling, and working or even just sitting and enjoying time with your family without pain—most people don’t realize how fortunate they are to have their health until it is compromised, and at that point it can sometimes be too late. It’s crucial that we practice gratitude for our bodies and minds and what they accomplish for us each day. Our quality of life is precious!

Health and the Prosperity Project

Using Food As Fuel

We all know that we need to eat more fruits and veggies, but that's easier said than done. By doing food prep at the start of each week, you can incorporate more healthy foods in to your diet without having to think about making the right choice on the fly.

Start with prepping a large container of chopped veggies on Sunday and use that as your go to snack or salad builder for the week. Watch how that one small change can have a large impact on your diet, mood and energy.

Meditation by the Sea

“Our bodies are our gardens, our wills are our gardeners.”

William Shakespeare

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