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3 Quickie Year End Financial Ideas!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Finish this year with some quick actionable ideas to benefit your finances!

1: Look at your investments in taxable accounts to look at your gains and losses. If you have investments that have losses and don't make sense in the forward-looking outlook sell them to realize your loss.

2: Look at those investments with big gains in the taxable accounts and evaluate if they make sense in 2021. If they look like they have limited upside in the future sell them against losses and offset the taxable event.

3: Look at ways you can maintain growth but protect your gains should the market turn sour. There are some great options out there in the areas of notes, annuities, and hedged mutual funds, etc. Find what may make sense for your personal planning needs and begin discovery on executing the strategy in the first quarter of 2021. It may be very timely!

Let's have a great 2021! Join us on our journey for prosperity as we come out of the 2020 roller coaster! Get monthly financial tips by joining our newsletter.

by John Lohrenz the Author of The Prosperity Project.

The Prosperity Project is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, If you are interested in finding your own formula for building abundance and a map for a life well lived check out The Prosperity Project.

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