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Kava Power to fight the Pandemic Blues!

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Check out this powerful plant to improve your mood and reduce anxiety!

We can all use a lift in our moods right now as we fight off corona crazies! I can only consume so many cookies and ice cream before exploding and need to get on track after the holidays. Kava is a go-to for me in my daily consumption and I really notice the impact it has on my overall feeling of wellness!

Kava is a small shrub grown in the Pacific Islands mainly in Fiji, Tonga, Hawaii, and Vanuata. Used by islanders for centuries in social rituals, religious ceremonies, and for medicinal purposes. The root and stump of the plant are ground down and made into a non-alcoholic beverage and when consumed it provides a psychological and physiological sense of calm and relaxation.

Kava is often regarded in many circles as a great natural way to relax the body and mind. It can be used to reduce stress and anxiousness in facing challenging life events. it is known to lift mood, decrease stress, replace alcohol as a relaxant, often cited as a sleep-aid.

There are many ways to consume Kava that are simple and don't require you digging up the roots yourself! I use a tincture in my water I get from my local Lazy Acres grocer and it is widely available in tablets. The negative health effects of Kava are considered minimal and the most widely distributed stories relate to liver issues. They have been discussed and there is a great article at by Deane Alban called "The Ban on Kava and the Bogus Liver Damage Scare."

Give it a test a run and see if it works for you! We are all different in our make up and if it works it is a wonderful solution in a stressful world! Join our community and share any ideas you use for improving your mood and outlook here.

by John Lohrenz the Author of The Prosperity Project.

The Prosperity Project is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, If you are interested in finding your own formula for building abundance and a map for a life well lived check out The Prosperity Project.

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