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Looking for a natural way to get in a better mood! Thousands of years in Peru to you.

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

One of the areas I have been really fascinated by is natural medicines and supplements that have been around thousands of years in human cultures around the world. Western medicine has always been about reactive methods to problems and pain after they arrive. I would much rather find prevention of the problem and ascension of better overall health and well being before it needs the big pharma fix.

I have been using a combination of herbs, roots, essential oils, and plant-based solutions for about 8 years and have founds some profound solutions to my daily life challenges. One of the areas so important is in keeping in a good state of mind and in an upbeat mood! Peruvians for thousands of years have used a plant that has provided many wonderful benefits and I have had great success within my daily life.

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable grown in Peru at high elevations up to 18,000 feet. It is called a root although it is related to broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale. It is also known as the Peruvian Ginseng and has important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids 8 of which are essential. I am turned off by miracle promises touted by snake oil sales-type organizations trying to get in my pocket but also keep an open mind. Using another vegetable in my diet has very little downside and if it has even a long-shot chance of keeping me out of a hospital I will take a good look! Maca contains something called glucosinolates that when chewed, chopped, or blended have a chemical reaction and it converts to isothiocyanates These have shown to have antioxidant and anti-cancer producing effects. This is something that is hard to prove outright but anything that helps is good for me!

Improved mood and memory are also on the list of benefits of Maca. We are all in need of a boost in this area during this pandemic and it has been great for me. It is an adaptogen that helps to balance hormones and is said to give an energy boost. I combine it with Kava and Ashwagandha tinctures in my water daily and the combination has a noticeable effect on my mood and energy. I notice it when I change my routine and don't have it.

Take some time to do your own research and see if it may fit into your regiment. I put it in my ice water in a Yeti and drink it all morning. Join us on our journey for prosperity as we come out of the 2020 roller coaster! Get monthly financial tips by joining our newsletter.

by John Lohrenz the Author of The Prosperity Project.

The Prosperity Project is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, If you are interested in finding your own formula for building abundance and a map for a life well lived check out The Prosperity Project.

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