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The Power of Relationships

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The power of relationships in my life has never been more evident than right now. 2020 has been wild and it has highlighted strengths and weaknesses in many areas as we spend so much time searching and dealing with the journey. It has been so good to me and I have really developed a deep sense of gratitude for those in my life that I am close to and what they mean to me.

My daughter and I have been on this journey together really from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. She had made a major life decision at the end of 2019 after careful thought and consideration for a year. She was going to quit her job and go travel the world in 2020. It was the right time in her life as she is 26 years old and didn’t have a family or serious relationship in her life. Through hard work and diligence, she had a nice saving built and with her knack for being thrifty, she knew she could see the world and return with a nice cushion while she resumed her career.

The plan was to start in Australia and then go to Bali for a Yoga certification retreat for a month and on to Japan. We plan and God laughs! She was in Australia when she called me and asked, “what shall I do?” The virus had just begun to really spread worldwide and the doors were shutting on travel. I told her I thought it best to get back to the U.S. before she was stuck in another country without her network and all the anxiety of this possible pandemic. She came home to San Diego and really felt down. Having quit a great job and with all her wonderful dreams of traveling the world dashed, it was a real downtime to get through and find acceptance of where she was and what she needed to do.

I was also going through my own weirdness as I had my right knee replaced on February 18th and the crap hit the fan about two weeks later. Physical therapy was shut down and I was grinding it out with my dog Blue trying to recover, run my business during a market meltdown, and stay sane. It was rather a lonely time and strange.

When she came and started staying with me the sun began to really shine for both of us! We started a holistic health coaching certification program together and she dove in on my book project. I gave her a surfboard 10 years ago that was very special to me and had wondered if it would ever be something she had a passion for. We began surfing together in late summer after only 6 months after my knee being replaced! It was such a high for me to be out with my beautiful daughter watching her learn to surf on that board while I was back in the water for the first time in years! We went on a whitewater rafting trip to the middle fork of the American River and had the time of our lives. I have helped her in her interview preparations and she has helped me in completing my book. How cool is this!

The pandemic is not a blessing for sure but I can say it has provided a tremendous amount of blessings in my life! My joy and happiness have been really enhanced in my time with my girl and we will never forget this. She just got a job offer that is awesome and my book is near complete and will be coming out in January so this has been a time of growth, adventure, and closeness we will never forget and will talk about the rest of our lives. I am sure many people have the same blessings when they stop to think about it and we would love to hear the stories at The Prosperity Project!

by John Lohrenz the Author of The Prosperity Project.

The Prosperity Project is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, If you are interested in finding your own formula for building abundance and a map for a life well lived check out The Prosperity Project.

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