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The Crazy Stressful World

What did we do to deserve all this?

The last 3 years have been wildly damaging to the human experience and psychologically destructive.

The pandemic ushered in fear of death, illness, and restrictions on everything we always took for granted in daily life. We just got the mask mandate gone and now we have this lunatic in Russia doing his Ukraine invasion and we watch in horror at more insanity. We are not equipped to view death daily on our screens. Unfortunately, that is the addiction the phone and news have created and it is hard to shake it off.

I have just made the decision to use discipline again to stay away from consuming to much news on the war and the markets. It was making me feel anxious and worried about too many things out of my control. Back to the basics! Time to revisit my own book and walk the walk!

Time to put the schedule right and show some real desire to feel good and get my daily formula right. Exercise, spirituality, food intake, adventure, and growth are all in focus.

I am walking more distance and more frequently as well as picking up the weights. Surfing, sailing, and play my guitar for adventure. I am studying to become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst for my growth component. It feels good to lose some weight after putting the pounds back on during this last wave of the Omicron.

It is all right there in my own book and I lost some motivation, inspiration, and candidly discipline for a little while regarding my diet. Feeling great just to get the motion in the right direction and hitting my marks. Doesn't need to be a historical event in my life to make me feel the momentum. Lost about 10 pounds and it feels like a huge cloud is lifted. That is why Nike has so much success with the "just do it' tag line because that is really saying it all.

Put together a reboot plan and start your own "Prosperity Project". It will make you feel much better!!

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