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The New World Ahead

The world has changed so much in such a short period! It has been an era of a shock to the human psyche that is a generational game-changer in many ways.

We are now moving on past as much as we can but much still lingers on from the recent societal changing phenomena of the Covid 19 pandemic, political insanity, financial hardship and potential recession. The damage to people and society will be monitored and written about as history moves forward but the time for us to take our lives back has come! Time for us to begin again and take control of the controllable!

The areas of emphasis on our health, wealth, and relationships that I refer to in my book as the Big 3 are where focus makes sense. We begin to really take our inventory as we if we have been in a long nightmarish slumber and look at where it is we can make improvements to our happiness.

This pandemic taught us the importance of our health and immune systems and that we must make it one of our top priorities not only for a long and vital life but for life itself.

The financial world has been buckling and recession talk is all over the screens we look at from bubble vision and the talking heads and preservation of our hard-earned capital is getting increasingly difficult. Inflation has become a real part of our lives and we need to really put the effort into our planning process to be opportunistic as the markets have moved into a bear market.

Relationships are both more important than ever and more strained. Code red contacts vs. life suckers identified in chapter 5 must be dealt with accordingly to really get up and running at full speed. I have had many calls from friends recently working through some major issues and we all need each other to weather these storms in our personal a professional relationships.

I am excited to crank up the volume of energy from my end and rejuvenate the Prosperity Project in my life and those who join the fun as we go through the final four months of this year! We are starting to put together our first 90-day program and the details will be coming soon for those who need to join a tribe and build some momentum moving into 2023!

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