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The Prosperity Project 2021 Planning Guide (Part Three)

Growth, Adventure, and Legacy for the spice in our life!

This is what we are all really needing so much in our lives right now! The stifling clouds of the pandemic and politics have brought a pause but not an end to our adventures. It is time to plan for the end of this storm and sunshine ahead!

Growth is something we all really crave in our human experience. Without it we feel stagnant and a lack of productivity in our lives that leaves of feeling a bit stale. I find that if I am reading positive, educational, or spiritual content on a regularly scheduled plan my sense of order in my life is improved and I have the inspiration of making progress. Pick anything you feel is a personal area you would like to move forward or just plain feel better and read for 15 minutes every morning. You will be surprised at the addition of positivity it gives you! There are so many options available to us and it can come in the form of a book, podcast, online course, Or whatever floats your boat!

Plan for a trip in the summer with all the activities and start to dream! We need a vacation and when this beast of a pandemic is behind us it is time to rock n roll! Where will you go? Hawaii with all the sun, sand, snorkeling available to soothe your soul is always a good one. Maybe Costa Rica for a little different flair. The sandy beaches of Southern California or Baja Mexico? Look out into the summer and plan the days you will get your sense of relaxation and serenity and book it!!

Legacy planning is not just for when we pass away and our inheritance is doled out! It is part of our daily lives of how we live, contribute, and make the world a better place. Find ways to give now to those in need, take care of family members, and make the world a better place. This is a time for us all to lead and share in the community of healing from this incredibly taxing period of time. Giving makes us all feel good and it will brighten up your life and those lives around you!!

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by John Lohrenz the Author of The Prosperity Project. The Prosperity Project is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, If you are interested in finding your own formula for building abundance and a map for a life well lived check out The Prosperity Project

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