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The Road

I returned yesterday from a 2-week road trip that was off the charts! No airline tickets, TSA, or baggage to deal with just the open road and my automobile. The adventure level of the Pyramid of Prosperity is one of the most enjoyable and a must!!

San Diego to St. George, Utah was the first leg of the journey to see some close friends and celebrate one of my best friend's birthdays. 7 hours to drive and lots of great music on the way followed by an awesome evening of dinner and laughs.

From there it was off to Yellowstone Park for 5 nights and some of the most incredible scenic views I have ever seen! I learned to fly fish and caught a beautiful trout in the Yellowstone River. Absolutely surreal pictures of Old Faithful, waterfalls, elk, a fox and all that Yellowstone brings!

Next up was Boise Idaho to visit my father who is 86 years old and my brother and his wife. Always good to see the family and spend some quality time catching up. Family is so important to me and my brother is going through one of the most trying periods in his life with spinal surgery coming up and I wanted to be there for him and do my best to make a difficult time better.

On to Lake Tahoe and another of the gifts of nature and beauty we have in the United States and I ended up doing a little gaming that turned into a profitable endeavor and who knew it would pay for my dog Blue's stay at the pet resort!

Next up was San Jose and my beautiful daughter EJ and her boyfriend Devin provided a fun-filled 2-night stay filled with awesome food and board games. My daughter and I went out for a nature walk and spotted a couple of hawks putting on a show over a marsh as they looked for their next meal.

The last day was yesterday. Driving home from my daughter's place in San Jose provided me with 7 hours to reflect on the grand adventure I had experienced and savor the joy! The feeling of serenity from turning to music, mountains, nature, and genuine human interaction for a couple of weeks made me realize how much anxiety the news creates. The world kept right on churning out plenty to watch but I ignored that drumbeat of madness. Consuming the right foods isn't the only thing that important to watch. We must consume the most healthy sites, sounds, smells, and messaging if we are going to have our best life!

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